Wacky Japanese Hijinks

or how I stopped being afraid and learned to love Japan

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Sexual Healing

On Friday, we met the mangaka of a comic Reene and I both enjoy. Out of politeness, I will refrain from naming both the comic and his nom de plume in this entry. I'm sure many of you can easily guess the name of the comic to which I refer, however.

The comic's artist is shorter than I expected. ("You ain't Guybrush Threepwood. He's 7 feet tall and has a prehensile tail!") Also substantially more sane; I had been expecting someone more along the lines of my crazy electronics teacher of fuckable pinball machine fame. In addition, he was not even remotely as whiny as he sounds in the forums. All in all a fun person with whom to hang around.

We met at Hachiko at 4 and then spent the rest of the day drinking. You have to start early in Japan since the trains stop running at midnight. That is, unless you plan to stay out all night and go home at 5 when they start again.

We went to a nice, if expensive, horror-themed izakaya that had decent beer and great snacks. We then proceeded to poke at the local arcades, where Reene won another The Dog and the artist introduced us to another type of vending machine we'd not yet tried. These dispense small figurines and trinkets including DOAX figures and a soft-core porn viewmaster for Y100 to Y200. Soon after, we had cake and more beer. Then we went out for karaoke with Moti et al and had more beer. Moti and I sang Tell Me Why by The Penpals -- pehaps the most incoherent Engrish song ever written. The mangaka sang Sexual Healing as well as several white-rapper songs, the latter were duets with Reene. Damn, they looked funny ^_^. As the evening wore on, I sank lower and lower into my chair, until it was time to go home, a happy drunk. Thanks, however, to copious amounts of Amino Supli I have yet to have a hangover here.

Deep Thoughts

We went to Harajuku for kaiten sushi and desserts. I had a shaved ice sundae. Ph33r Japan's madd 1337 sundae skillz!

We passed a store selling t-shirts from a vending machine outside.

How much more advanced are Japanese cell-phones than American ones? Well, for one, there are som many different-looking models available that they actually market certain ones to different demographics based on fashion, replete with ads showing how the cellphone can match your nails and jewlery.

Texans -- you have been warned.


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