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or how I stopped being afraid and learned to love Japan

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Elegant Gothic Lolitas

This weekend we went out drinking with the mangaka again. Poked around Shinjuku. We had various foodstuffs and drinks at The Dubliners (a famous Irish pub here) and some extremely girly cocktails. I saw my very first all-male brothel in kabuki-cho (the red light district).

On Sunday, I hung around Harajuku with Moti. When you come out of the station, if you turn right and walk for a block or 2 (depending on what exit you come out of), you'll come to a very large bridge on your right. Every Sunday afternoon, this bridge is covered with people in really weird costumes. They just hang out and show off their strange, very elaborate, cute, usually gothy, often sexy, always freaky costumes. I kept meaning to go there and take pictures. Finally did.

After that, had yaki-niku with Moti and a few of his friends. It was fun, if expensive. A night of drinking seems to always be very expensive here. The drinks plus the requisite food almost always run up a bill of Y10000 per person if you do the whole night-of-drinking thing.

Deep Thoughts

I don't know. I don't want to know.

The marketing blitz for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is in full swing. There's a 2-story poster of a moogle in Shibuya. It looks very different.

This apple cost me Y400. It was, however, probably the best red apple I've ever had.

There are a couple of shops on Takeshita Doori in Harajuku that sell weird Engrish shirts. I like how it extends even to their signs.

I went to Kinokuniya and Books 1st this weekend to pick up the Vampire Hunter D novels (16 stories in 22 volumes of very difficult Japanese, yeeek). While at Books 1st, I saw the Japanese translations of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Snow Crash. The Snow Crash covers are relly cool. If you look closely, you can see that the first volume has Hiro on it and the second has Y.T., both in manga style. If you're wondering why there are two volumes, it's to recoup translation costs. Longer translated novels are always broken down so you have to pay twice or even 4 times for them. It's the only way they can afford to bring over most Stephen King books and such. Only huuuuge blockbusters like Harry Potter seem to remain intact in a single volume since they know they can charge whatever they want for it.

Must remember to show my sister this store.

The l00tz continue to accumulate.


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