Wacky Japanese Hijinks

or how I stopped being afraid and learned to love Japan

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New at Electronics Boutique -- Dildos!

Today, I bought a sex toy without even knowing it. Ah, Japan.

I was at Asobit city -- the biggest game store in Japan as far as I know. I went to the porn floor cuz they have some cool vending machines there. Got a few DOAX figurines and whatnot from them. I'm sure you've seen such machines in the US. The just don't contain such neat stuff. When you get a figure, it comes in about this state. Then you assemble it and you're all set. There are actually stores that buy these figures in bulk, assemble them themselves, and then sell them at a 3oo% markup. If you really want a particular figure, that's the way to go. But the machines are more fun. And assembling the figures is the best part in my opinion.

Anyways, I saw a machine that said it was selling moisturizing soaps in the shape of the girls from Tokimeki Memorial. It was just perverse enuf that I had to have one. "You too can take a shower with one of the girls from Japan's most popular dating sim!" Imagine my surprise when I opened up the pink dispenser ball and found a little tube of lubricant and a squishy, pink, rubber schoolgirl with a hole in the bottom. Not only that, but a hole in the top too for easy cleaning!

The bottom hole is very small I might add...are Japanese penises really that small? They don't run THAT much smaller from what I've been told from those with first-hand experience. I decided to test it out in the name of SCIENCE! Turns out that the hole stretches more than 10x. Curses, now the world may never know the truth behind the tiny-Japanese-penis legend.

Deep Thoughts

Comiket is coming up this weekend. We've been looking thru the catalog. Japanese doujin circles have the best names. "the Old Glory," "Aeroflot," or just simply, "Jesus." But even official manga have great names.

You've seen Cat Girls, but how about Pikmin Girls?

Life-size, poseable, Ayanami Rei.


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